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Hundreds of people line up in Berlin to buy a very special Adidas shoes edition

Sales start today

  • January 16, 2018 18:40
  • Author Stanimira Lukanova
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Source: Pixabay

Adidas released a very special edition of sneakers - the unique pair of shoes has a sewn-in annual ticket for Berlin's transportation system. Passengers wearing the pair of shoes will be able to board Berlin's trains, buses and ferries. Tickets will be valid only if worn at the time of travel. The shoes cost 180 euros as opposed to the price of the annual ticket which soars up to more than 700 euros.

Hundreds of people have been waiting in line to buy the exclusive shoes, some of them having waited for more than two days. The company has released only 500 pairs of the limited-edition trainers. Needless to say, more than 500 people are waiting to buy them. 


Source: The Local/ Germany

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