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If in Kuldīga, plan your gourmet week ahead!

From 11 until 17 March, Kuldīga will host the Restaurant Week

  • March 09, 2019 10:00
  • Author Olya Georgieva
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Source: Pixabay

Kuldīga Restaurant Week is a week-long festival in celebration of the diversity and quality of Latvian food. During the week participating restaurants will offer a 2- and 3-course set menu for the fixed price of 10 to 12 Euros, not including drinks and tips. From 11 until 17 March, local and visitors of Kuldīga have the chance to try some of the city’s best restaurants.

The focus of this year’s edition will be on the diversity and nutritional benefits of hemp. This superfood is rich in protein, fiber, vitamins and healthful fatty acids, including omega-3s and omega-6s, as well as minerals, such as sodium, calcium and iron. Hemp seeds have also antioxidant effects and may reduce symptoms of numerous ailments, improving the health of the heart, skin, and joints.

It is no secret that hemp has a specific flavour, but when combined with different fresh, local products, it can bring out unusual qualities in dishes, which is something every visitor of the Kuldīga Restaurant Week will be able to experience first-hand at more than 10 different restaurants, cafés and pubs serving a plethora of hemp dishes.

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