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IKEA Home of Tomorrow opens in Szczecin

The one-of-a-kind home in the Polish city inspires for a sustainable transformation from the home

  • June 23, 2020 14:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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Source: Ikea Polska

The Swedish-born home furniture and homeware giant IKEA has just announced the opening of a one-of-a-kind space inspiring urban transformation. The so-called “Home of Tomorrow” in Szczecin (Poland) allows anyone to explore and learn how to make their homes work in an environmentally friendly way. Anything from effective waste processing, through zero-waste cooking to efficient use of resources, can be learned at the new space.

Adopting a sustainable lifestyle – room by room

The IKEA House of Tomorrow has been divided into several spaces, each with a different task and function. To start with, the Open Kitchen and Dining Room will host cycles of vegetarian cooking workshops.

In the next space, called Home Farm, visitors will be able to discover the secrets of sustainable crops, and then apply them at their homes. Plants - vegetables and herbs will be observed every day. Everything is edible and healthy, fed with composted waste and coffee grounds from the kitchen to set an example that a zero-waste life is possible.

These incredible farms will be cultivated by non-traditional methods: aeroponic and aquaponic, that is, without the use of soil, with very low water consumption and using the symbiosis of plants with decorative fish. Each farm and crop can be easily set up with the help of available instructions so that visitors can “bring it home”.

At the end of the day, every guest at IKEA House of Tomorrow will be able to relax in the light of the home sun, i.e. a light installation that imitates sunlight. In the Creation Zone under the eye of carpenters and designers, it will be possible to give a second life to furniture, and in a planning zone, accompanied visitors can design a functional and environmentally friendly kitchen, available to order immediately.

Along with the House of Tomorrow's unveiling, IKEA will also launch an important social initiative open to everyone, the goal of which will be to work out solutions that help reduce the amount of waste in Szczecin. Ultimately, participants will gain experience in project work, confirmed by a certificate.

Zero-waste life starts from the home

With this new facility, IKEA confirms that it is much more than a place to buy accessible homeware, but rather a way towards sustainable living. “It all starts at home. It is around it that most of our life is concentrated - at home we eat, relax, play and learn. This is where our habits are shaped. And you get the impression that what we do at home ends up and stays behind closed doors. But that's not true. What we do at home has a powerful impact on the world around us!” explains Karol Tomczyk, Market Manager at IKEA Retail Polska.

The Home of Tomorrow will remain in Szczecin until the opening of the IKEA store. You can visit it in Szczecin at Revival Square, at 6 Monte Cassino str, from Monday to Saturday, 10-20.

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