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In 2019 the Provincial Council of Alicante will allocate 300,000 euros to fight against gender violence

The Commission of Social Welfare and Family approves subsidies destined to city councils, entities and municipal associations

  • March 01, 2019 17:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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In 2019 the Provincial Council of Alicante will invest close to 300,000 euros in the promotion of equality and the fight against gender-based violence. The Commission of Social Welfare and Family has approved the predispositions that justify this considerable financial amount. It will be distributed through three calls, one of 160,000 euros for municipalities, another of 112,288 euros destinated at non-profit organizations and one last of 15,000 euros for mancomunidades (in Spain this term refers to free associations or unions of municipalities).

"We must direct all our efforts to end a social scourge as devastating as gender-based violence. Therefore, in addition to promoting actions directly, from the Provincial Government we want to collaborate with the municipalities and territorial entities to, among all, achieve that goal which also involves promoting the development of programs and activities that promote equal opportunities between men and women", has explained the deputy of the area, Mercedes Alonso.

In addition, the Provincial Council of Alicante has made available the amount of 159,000 euros for collaboration with the municipalities of the Province in the promotion and organization of activities for youth - competitions, travel, games, etc. which aim to promote alternative leisure, healthy lifestyle habits, risk behaviour prevention or job search, among other aspects.

Finally, the Commission for Social Welfare and Family has given its approval to a line of aid for the development of actions aimed at preventing addictive behaviour. The realization of programs having the objective to discourage gambling and alcohol consumption among minors or the implementation of training projects that encourage the proper use of new technologies are some of the initiatives that will be the subject of this call, supported with 98,096 euros and addressed to town halls.

Source: Alicante Provincial Council

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