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Integrity hotline launched in the Hague

Suspecting the mayor of wrongdoing? Report it via the hotline

  • November 06, 2019 21:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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It has never been easier to keep your mayor accountable. At least, if you live in the Hague, Netherlands. The Dutch city has opened last week its very own integrity hotline. It gives you the possibility to report your local representatives who are breaching the law. It's so easy to do, that it works even better than trying to report an issue to your internet provider.

So, if somebody suspects that the mayor and/or an alderman of the city has done something improper, they can report this to the municipality. The hotline is available to all residents, managers and staff. They can all contact the hotline in person or via e-mail. It is also possible to report something anonymously, with the help of a confidential advisor.

'It is good that the municipality is setting up this hotline. There must be clear procedures and people should feel safe raising certain issues. Everyone knows the difference between ‘black’ and ‘white’ but it is about that ‘grey’ area in between. This is why people should be able to share their predicaments with each other’', the newly designated Mayor Johan Remkes said.

Small actions with significant results

Contacting the hotline triggers official proceedings into verifying the case. A preliminary investigation should be completed within 2 months after a report is filed. If the former shows that there are concrete indications of improper behaviour by the mayor or the alderman, an official investigation will follow.

Even further, if there is enough evidence of a possible criminal offence, then the municipality will inform the public prosecutor or the National Police Internal Investigations Department.

Inhabitants of the Hague can make their report via meldpuntbestuurlijke.integriteit@denhaag.nl or request a personal appointment.

Looking forward to seeing this in our city!

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