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Irish libraries are abolishing penalties on overdue books

Reconnect with your library in 2019: the Irish libraries have a generous offer for those who are in dept

  • January 07, 2019 11:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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Source: Westmeath County Council

Good news for the readers and subscribers of Irish libraries. No bad feelings, no debts: 2019 starts in the clear for the lucky subscribers. Libraries Ireland announced that since January the 1st, all overdue fines will be abolished and existing fines will be cancelled upon returning of the books.

In the name of reading, the libraries make a generous gesture to their subscribers, by cancelling the pending payments, but librarians will continue issuing reminders on overdue books and if necessary – they will not refrain from blocking membership cards, in the case of ignoring the reminders.

The new measure is part of the library strategy Our Public Library 2022: inspiring, connecting and empowering communities, published jointly by the Department of Rural and Community Development, the County and City Management Association and the Local Government Management Agency and launched by the Minister for Rural and Community Development, Michael Ring T.D. and dates back to June 2018.

The library staff appeals to readers to return any undamaged, overdue items and guarantees to reactivate their library membership again. So, is there any better way to reconnect with your local library, than by settling the scores?

Source: Westmeath County Council, Libraries Ireland

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