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Italian company to receive 25 million euros loan for the development of e-vehicle charging infrastructure

The financial support comes from the European Investment Bank

  • December 27, 2019 09:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
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The European Investment Bank (EIB) will support “Be Charge”, a leading Italian company dedicated to developing sustainable mobility, in its efforts to expand charging infrastructure for electric vehicles across Italy.

The financial support is in the form of a 25 million euros loan ffor a period of 10 years. The project is supported by the European Commission through the "Connecting Europe Facility". For EIB it is the first operation in Italy under the new "future mobility" facility, in partnership with the Commission.

Public charging infrastructure networks for electric vehicles in Italy

The Italian company “Be Charge”, a subsidiary of Be Power Group SpA, is developing one of the largest public charging infrastructure networks for electric vehicles in Italy and is contributing to the development of a sustainable mobility system. It accelerates access to clean forms of transport throughout the country.

By now, more than 1,000 charging points have been installed, with over 5,000 more in construction. The goal of the company is to install 30,000 charging points. Creating one of the most advanced and dense infrastructures, the company hopes to increase the number of electric cars in Italy, bringing great benefits to the environment, and improving daily life and travel habits.

For the European financial institution, the operation is part of one of its key priorities: the financing of projects in the fields of innovation and sustainable mobility that combat  climate change. The agreement represents an integrated business model that gives great opportunities linked to the worldwide trend of electrification of mobility.

Through the internally developed and technologically advanced platform, “Be Charge” is offering an efficient charging service to all owners of electric vehicles across Italy.

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