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Join Manchester’s 10-week creative challenge

Organised by Manchester Libraries, it aims to promote creativity among the city’s youth

  • May 03, 2020 11:00
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Starting tomorrow, 4 May, Manchester’s very own 10-week creative challenge will begin. It is organised by Manchester Libraries and brings together local artists and your creators who have come up with a series of weekly challenges aimed at promoting creativity among the city's youth.

Despite libraries being closed as part of the UK government’s anti-coronavirus lockdown measures, they are still finding new ways of entertaining the local population – and not just through the traditional avenues typical for such venues.

Bringing the community together

The 10-week challenge carries the name “Express yourself” and is specially designed for young people who are in need of a creative outlet that will both challenge and satisfy their creative spirits.

Each week, the artists and creators enlisted by Manchester Libraries will come with something new and fun for locals to do that will celebrate the spirit of the city’s libraries in different weekly themes. They have been asked to record special videos explaining the rules and intricacies of their challenges that will also be launched on a weekly basis.

Councillor Luthfur Rahman, Executive Member for Culture, Leisure, and Skills stated that  "When libraries are open we love welcoming young people inside to get creative through our Creative Spaces programme.  As we can't do that just now we decided to reach out to them instead with a series of creative challenges to try at home.

"The challenges celebrate the unique spirit of libraries as community places in the city where everyone is welcome.  With weekly themes designed to inspire and spark self-expression and creativity, as well as developing skills, we hope to bring a bit of hope and positivity into the lives of all our young people - who we know must be finding it hard being at home all this time and not out with their friends."

Some of the weekly themes for the challenge relate to things like strength, community and empathy and aim to bring the entire city together in these difficult times when some are feeling more alone than ever.

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