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Join the EU Youth Dialogue “Creating Opportunities for Youth”

Applications are open until 10th of March

  • March 06, 2019 09:30
  • Author Olya Georgieva
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The EU Youth Dialogue is the dialogue with young people and youth organizations involving policy and decision makers, as well as experts, researchers and other relevant civil society actors, as appropriate. European Youth Forum, the platform of youth organizations in Europe, is looking for dedicated young people from non-governmental youth organisations and networks active on European level to:

  • run activities and consultations with young people;
  • share ideas and collected inputs from your peers with decision-makers;
  • connect with other young people and organisations across Europe.

So are you committed to consulting and running activities with other young people on a European scale to get your and their voices heard?Do you want to improve the lives of young people in Europe through shaping policies? And last but not least, if you are part of a non-governmental European youth organisation or network that has ideas and expertise on topics connected to the future of work, youth work and youth in rural areas to share with decision-makers. Then apply for the EU Youth Dialogue“Creating Opportunities for Youth”.

For more information check out the call here. Applications are open until 10th of March!

Source: youthforum.org

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