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Kaunas with innovative way to protect street art

Street art works have been removed by mistake – the city wants to prevent that from happening again

  • July 12, 2019 19:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Source: Kaunas Municipality

Kaunas boasts 40 wonderful and more importantly officially recognized street art works. According to the municipality these painting have already become a vital part of the cultural identity of the city. In order not only to preserve them, but also promote the creation of new ones, the local government is introducing new measures aimed at their protections.

Recently, city workers seeking to clean the walls of one of Kaunas’ underground passages removed two of the officially recognized works of art. Because of that misunderstanding, vice mayor of Kaunas, Andrius Palionis, stated that “we found a simple but effective solution - to mark all the official works of street art with special signs”.

From now on, all officially recognized street artworks will be marked with special information tables. On these tables, passersby will be able to learn more about the painting, its name, its creator and when it was created. It will also importantly serve the function of alerting city staff that the artwork is not to be removed and should not be considered an act of vandalism.

The Kaunas local government also wants for citizens to know they can contribute to the creation of new art. Locals who want to hand over their walls to artists are welcome to use the newly launched platform, which helps artists and real estate owners find each other - gyvosienos.kaunas.lt

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