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Kildare County to host the Kildare’s Heritage Buildings Show 2019

It will take place during the weekend of 15th and 16th of June

  • June 05, 2019 21:30
  • Author S. Lukanova
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Source: Pixabay

The weekend of June 15th and 16th will host the Kildare Heritage Buildings Show 2019 which gathers together skilled craftsmen to demonstrate traditional methods and skills much needed in the conservation of old buildings. All demonstrations will be supported by stands that will provide information about the show, as well as its organizers - The Irish Georgian Society, in partnership with Kildare County Council and the Office of Public Works, and with the support of Creative Ireland. The exhibition will be officially opened at 12pm by Kevin 'Boxer' Moran - Minister of State for the Office of Public Works. Talks on history, traditional buildings and their maintenance will also be part of the exhibition, announced Kildare County Council.

The venue of the exhibition is the farmyard of Castletown house. No booking is required and children can enter the show for free. Some of the topics that the speakers will be covering include environmental issues, the conservation of buildings with historical significance, development and care but also adaptation of buildings. Everyone that owns a house or any other edifice can bring photos of their real estate. Speakers are positive that this will give owners a chance to take advantage of more detailed, customized and targeted advice. 

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