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Largest sensory footpath of Luxembourg opens to visitors

Stimulate your senses at Barfußweg in Dudelange

  • August 10, 2020 09:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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Source: Ville de Dudelange

A new educational attraction for the entire family is now welcoming visitors in Dudelange, Luxembourg. On 31 July, the southern town inaugurated Barfußweg, the largest sensory path to date in the Grand Duchy. Located in the heart of Le’h Park, the facility provides a real stimulus for the senses of young and old, combined with a unique educational value.

Enhancing the tourist attractiveness of Le’h Park

Barfußweg from German literally means barefoot path. Barefoot paths or sensory paths are popular leisure attractions through which one can stimulate their senses by walking shoeless on various surfaces. They are also believed to reinforce motor skills and promote interest in nature.

The new pathway in Dudelange is 550-metres long and composed of 19 stations, which makes it the largest of its kind in Luxembourg, informs a municipal press release. 15 of the stations are filled with different materials: sand, pinecones, small pebbles, wood, coconut bark, peat, slate, tree bark, etc, all of which provide various sensations. The other 4 stations feature equipment, such as a small suspension bridge, a balancing serpent, etc.

Dudelange sensory pathFirst users of the sensory path seem to be enjoying it on the opening day. Photo: Municipality of Dudelange

Barfußweg’s existence arose from an idea of the local Family Commission and its construction is the responsibility of the ranger and his team. The maintenance will be carried out by the Centre for Initiatives and Local Management of Dudelange (CIGL) during the week and by the city services on weekends. This footpath is believed to further increase the appeal of Le’h park among young and old alike.

The park, already includes an educational route, by offering visitors interactive ways to learn about nature and their own town. Among the play areas of the park, there is one entirely made of local wood material, a climbing wall, a stage where shows regularly take place, as well as restaurant with a terrace in the middle of the forest, which serves snacks throughout the day.

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