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Leeds’s historic town hall to undergo major renovations

The town hall was first opened by Queen Victoria in 1858

  • September 26, 2019 17:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Source: David Dixon / Leeds Town Hall, Victoria Square

Leeds City Council recently announced the massive refurbishment of the Leeds Town Hall. The building has a special place in the city’s heart as it was opened all the way back in 1858 by Queen Victoria herself. Now, the local authorities have decided on a process of preserving this wonderful piece of art and architecture for future generations.

The project will be implemented over the next three years and will see the Leeds Town Hall completely refurbished and even upgraded. Once construction work is complete, citizens will find brand new venues perfect for hosting cultural events and gatherings. Furthermore, Victoria Hall will be completely renovated and will boast new seats and sound proofing. Visitors of the venue will also find two new bars, a new smaller event space and brand new fabulous interior art decorations for all public areas of the Town Hall.

For the most part, funding is being allocated from the Leeds City Council budget, supplemented by public donations.

Recently, work on restoring the roof of the building was initiated. For the first time since the building was opened in 1858, the top has become accessible, allowing for stunning photographs. Workers also found a plaque, placed by the contractors who worked on the building’s construction hundreds of years ago, which reads “This dome was stripped and old lead put on after by Herbert Westcombe and Joseph Nett.” Who knows what other surprised might lie in wait?

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