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Leicester invests in schools and public buildings

The City Council has earmarked £6 million for the implementation of the new programme

  • November 12, 2019 19:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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The Leicester City Council announced a massive £6 million investment in local schools and public buildings. 5 million of the total amount will go towards the schools in the city with the goal of improving and upgrading their infrastructure. The rest is set to be diverted to the repair and restoration of other Council-owned properties, including historic landmarks, libraries, parks and others.

Investing in education

The nearly 5 million pound investment is a part of the City Council’s Children’s Capital Investment Programme 2019. It is the latest stage of the programme aimed at reinvigorating Leicester’s schools.

According to the local authorities, the money will be spent on the implementation of many different measures – upgrades to heating, improving buildings’ energy efficiency, window replacements, electricity improvements, repairs of roofs, adaptation of school grounds to the needs of persons with disabilities and of course improving site security.

Leicester City Mayor Peter Soulsby said: “Both of these programmes will see investment made to well-used buildings and other sites across the city, to ensure they continue to offer facilities meeting the modern standards of safety, energy efficiency and accessibility. Some of the improvements at schools will be major works, such as the renewing of heating systems or electrical safety work, while others will involve smaller repairs or replacement works to ensure our schools are at the best.”

He further continued by explaining the purpose of investments to other public buildings and how the work will be carried out – “ … by improving our parks, heritage buildings, libraries and sports centres, we are securing their future as safe, welcoming public buildings for everyone to use. Some of these, such as the Magazine and Cavendish House, are among the city’s oldest buildings and we’ve worked with Historic England on work to ensure they are preserved for future generations.”

You can find the details of the investments programme over at the city council’s website.

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