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Linz set to embark on massive urban area expansion project

The city wants to offer exceptional quality of life in its newest district

  • October 03, 2020 11:00
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Linz’s suburban district of Ebelsberg has given the city plenty of opportunities to grow and develop over the years – yet the abandonment of the local barracks has given the biggest prize of all. After years of preparation, Linz’s local authorities are creeping closer to kickstarting development projects in the barracks area that would create thousands of jobs and living spaces and would allow for uncountable business opportunities to take root.

A history of growth

The project that will see further growth in Linz’s south will be one of the largest tasks undertaken by the Tyrolean state capital to date. Work on planning the expansion began in 2017 under the Ebelsberg Master Plan which took into account the ideas, concerns and suggestions of all possible stakeholders and project partners, thus granting the initiative unprecedented public acceptance and legitimacy.

The result of those years of planning is the idea and hope for a green and lively urban district that provides exceptional quality of life and opportunities to locals. With its 330,000 square meters of planning area, suitable for around 3,000 apartments, this urban expansion project for the south of Linz will offer space for more than 6,000 residents. A high number of jobs will also be created through the settlement of new commercial enterprises in the area, for which around 50,000 square metres have been set aside.

“The new district in Ebelsberg will combine the concept of short distances for residents with lots of green space and opportunities for decentralized workplaces and services. An elementary school, a kindergarten and a crèche complement the educational and social offerings in the residential area, ” stated Mayor Klaus Luger, outlining the main goals of the modified master plan.

It is important to note that the city does not want to rush in developing the new district. Instead, it wants to focus on making it the best it can possibly be. As explained by Vice Mayor Markus Hein, “We are not under time pressure to implement the concept for Ebelsberg. The determining factor in this urban development must above all be quality.”

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