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Linz sets up fund to protect local culture during pandemic

Local authorities believe that cultural and sports venues must be protected until life can return to normal

  • March 30, 2020 19:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
Medium linz  hauptplatz
Source: Linz Hauptplatz by Tokfo CC BY-SA 3.0

With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, many events, exhibitions and performances were cancelled, thus generating enormous losses for many industries – most notably tourism, culture, art and sports.

That is why, local authorities in Linz have decided to set up a fund that is meant to safeguard many important associations and institutions in the city in times when they can barely – if at all – function.

"From our own experience - for example at the Linz Marathon - we know that a large proportion of the costs for events go into preparation. If these events cannot take place due to a national crisis, the committed activists hurt enough anyway. Then there shouldn't be any financial worries, because grants that are linked to the implementation of the activities have to be repaid,” stated the Mayor of Linz Klaus Luger.

The scheme in practice

Local authorities in Linz are now hard at work hammering out the details of the grant scheme. In essence, it should be able to serve those institutions, businesses and social associations that have been the hardest hit by the virus pandemic.

More specifically, the grants are set to be given to those who had their events cancelled and have no other ways to recuperate their loss. By granting such association funding, the local government wants to ensure their survival for life after the disease has subsided – or as mayor Luger put it "For life after Corona - the existence of Linz's cultural, sports and social associations (must be) secured!"

Clubs that are renting out municipal properties will also receive preferential treatment, as they too have been hit hard by the exceptional circumstances – they will most likely be exempt from rent payments through the crisis, thus preventing their bankruptcies.

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