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Ljubljana gears up for 68th City Festival

With COVID-19 behind us, preparations for the event are in full swing

  • June 07, 2020 13:00
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Source: City of Ljubljana

Preparations for the annual Ljubljana Festival are in full swing, now that the imminent threat of COVID-19 has finally been put behind us. Thanks to the exemplary work done by authorities and the vigilance displayed by citizens, the Slovenian capital will be able to enter summer in its own traditional way, without too many difficulties and changes.

Working under pressure

Due to the coronavirus crisis, lots of work related to the festival had to be done at the very last minute, as unforeseen changes in the epidemiological situation could have costed the municipality dearly. But now, everything is finally in place for Ljubljana’s summer of culture to officially begin on 2 July.

The 68th Ljubljana Festival will have a special focus dedicated to Ludwig van Beethoven and the 250th anniversary of his birth. An example of that can be found in the announcement that the festival will open with a performance of the Anthem of Europe, or Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, the Ode to Joy. Under the symbol of a united Europe and despite the recent turbulent months, the Festival is still eager to deliver its audience a fantastic spectacle and excellent performances that can impress even the most demanding aficionados.

Following the opening on 2 July, the next few weeks will be full of a diverse set of cultural experiences, including opera, ballet, musicals, all manner of performances, theatre plays, concerts, youth workshops and much, much more. The organisers are certain that everyone will be able to find something to enjoy, no matter their tastes. 

The festival will be closed at the end of August, more specifically, the 30th, with a performance by the Milan Scala Philharmonic Orchestra which will provide a stellar farewell present to all attendees.

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