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Ljubljana to invest millions in renovation of kindergartens

Over 13,000 children are benefitting from the scheme

  • August 19, 2019 17:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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The city of Ljubljana is investing over 28 million euros in renovation and upgrades of kindergartens and schools in the municipality. While the amount is far lower than in 2018, when the earmarked amount was 47 million, over 13,000 children are set to benefit from the construction efforts on kindergartens.

The allocated funds, however, appear to be insufficient. The local government has realised that is lacks the necessary funding for all the projects it has taken up. Currently the following kindergartens are being renovated Vrhovci kindergarten, Najdihojca kindergarten, Galjevica kindergarten, Oton Župančič kindergarten and Črnuče kindergarten. For example, the renovations done on Vrhovci kindergarten will cost the municipality twice as much as anticipated which is forcing local officials to search for the necessary funds elsewhere. For the renovations of this specific location, 411 thousand euros were earmarked, but a further 619 thousand are needed. Local authorities have stated that in order to find the necessary funding, cash will have to be reallocated or the municipal budget will have to be rebalanced.

Despite everything, the city of Ljubljana is doing good by its youngest. The local government has invested 246 million euros over the past 13 years in the renovations of schools and kindergartens in the Slovene capital.

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