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Londoners are invited to test a fleet of driverless pods

The innovation is part of the GATEway Project

  • March 24, 2018 18:00
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
Medium gateway 008
Source: GATEway Project

Citizens of London are invited to test a fleet of driverless pods in Greenwich as part of a research project to help share “last mile” transport. Londoners will have the opportunity to engage with the new technology and share their experiences. Driverless pods are suitable for ‘last mile’ transport or ‘micro transit’. Vehicles of this type connecting people with mass transit systems and destinations over several miles, they have to be integrated with public transport to increase access to, and use of public transport.

The trials mark is the final phase of the GATEway Project, which is using a fleet of automated pods to understand public acceptance of, and attitudes towards, driverless vehicles. The prototype pods are limited to a 9 kp/h speed and while they could be run faster, for the purposes of the research and development programme. Londoners will be able to ride in one of the driverless pods along a 2-kilometre route around the Greenwich Peninsula. They will then be able to comment on their experience and perceptions of the technology via an online survey.

Source: Gateway project

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