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Looking forward to the European Days of Local Solidarity

Now is the time to include your event or initiative

  • September 29, 2019 20:00
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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Source: localsolidaritydays.eu

Time is running out fast until the start of the annual campaign run by the cities and regions of the European Union. Committed to the principles of global solidarity and sustainable development, the European Days of Local Solidarity are taking place between 15 and 30 November and convey three main messages:

  • That cities and regions are able to strengthen citizens’ knowledge on global sustainable development issues;
  • That they support and promote development education and active citizenship initiatives with great local impact;
  • And promote political engagement at the national, European and global scale in favour of sustainable development.

The EDSL are currently accepting applications for the organisation of connected activities. They must be held by European towns or regions, or by an association of local and regional governments. Organising such an event is a wonderful opportunity for citizens, local and regional elected officials, CSOs and other local players to learn, exchange, discuss and celebrate.

The European Days of Local Solidarity were first organised in 2016. Last year more than 120 cities and regions took part in the event joining 25 initiatives in order to underline their role in international cooperation actions.

To find the full agenda and learn how to get involved, follow the link.

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