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Lučenec strives to become Slovakia’s innovation hub

The town will host a brand-new innovation centre

  • September 12, 2019 14:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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The town of Lučenec in central Slovakia will soon become the home of a brand-new innovation centre. The centre will be housed in the former building of the National Bank of Slovakia in the city and its construction will cost around 140,000 euros. The amount was allocated by the country’s government, due to the project being of vital importance.

The innovation centre will serve to main purposes. On the one hand it will of course focus on the development of new technologies and innovations in different fields. For example, a factory producing batteries for electric trucks is scheduled to be built in Lučenec, as commissioned by the Slovak Academy of Sciences and other interested parties. The other main purpose, however, is to put a stop to the brain drain taking place in Slovakia. People leaving the country has been a major concern for national authorities and the establishment of the innovation centre is a step towards remedying the situation. The government hopes that it will embrace and foster innovations and startups and will help develop all new groundbreaking ideas, thus giving young people more reasons to stay and create their businesses in the region.

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