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Manchester achieves milestone in providing PPE

The city and its partners have distributed over 5 million items of personal protective equipment over the last few months

  • August 03, 2020 17:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Source: Manchester City Council

The outbreak of COVID-19 in Europe and in the UK created a massive and sudden need for personal protective equipment – masks, gloves and various other items. Many people, especially from more vulnerable groups, were unable to find protective gear for themselves and their families amid the shortage and the increase in prices.

This, in turn, forced many cities across the continent to take on a more active role by stepping in to protect their constituents by providing them with the sorely needed equipment.

A success story in Manchester

The Mutual Aid Hub set up by the Manchester and Trafford Council has been essential to providing precisely this type of service to locals. Since the start of the pandemic, the hub has given out more than 5 million items of personal protective equipment and has played a key role in keeping essential staff healthy and protected.

The hub has been working alongside a number of hospital and care providers and has been also helped out tons of other organisations – such as care homes and other voluntary sector services. It has also provided food banks with food parcels, answering thousands of requests for food aid, thereby supporting over 14,000 residents of Manchester and Trafford.

During the announcement of these great figures, Manchester Councillor Bev Craig, Executive Member for Adult Health and Wellbeing stated that “The resilience of the people of Manchester has been epitomised by the hard work and dedication of all those who have worked at the mutual aid hub since the beginning the Covid-19 pandemic.

When those frontline key workers put up the call for help sourcing PPE, the city heard and  delivered an overwhelming response. I would like to thank all those who have contributed to the mutual aid hub, your efforts are truly appreciated.”

Trafford Council Leader, Councillor Andrew Western, also commented “Ever since the start of the pandemic, we have worked together with local healthcare agencies, local authorities and other critical agencies to tackle the impact of Covid-19 in the borough of Trafford. 

The Trafford and Manchester PPE Mutual Aid Hub has reached this incredible 5 million milestone thanks to the dedication and sheer hard work of all the team members. Together we will all continue to work hard to ensure that all primary care providers in Trafford will have the right protective equipment when they need it.”

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