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Maribor - the successful example of a transition

Path toward a brighter future and circular economy

  • March 04, 2018 14:00
  • Author Olya Georgieva
Medium slovenian consulate south australia.
Source: Facebook / Slovenian Consulate South Australia

The City of Maribor (the Municipality) has demonstrated that every municipality could be transformed successfully no matter its size and current situation. Since 2014, the Municipality has been planning an integrated urban system that includes the comprehensive management of all waste, excess energy and wastewater generated in the urban area of the city, based on the concept of a circular economy for effective resource management.

This approach is truly innovative in all aspects of implementation and grandiose outcomes are expected. The idea is based on the foundation that companies and institutions in the urban environment share information and work together to achieve the highest possible re-use of resources. The transition of the city should lead to new business opportunities for the Municipality, citizens and industry, create high-quality, predominantly green jobs and bring new added value and a new economic boost.

Source: The Local

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