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“Mayor of the Year” competition for the 2015-2019 mandate in Bulgaria starts today

The winners will be announced at an official ceremony on September 18th

  • September 01, 2019 13:00
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
Medium mayor2019
Source: themayor.eu

The portal of the Bulgarian municipalities Kmeta.bg organises the “Mayor of the Year” competition for the seventh consecutive year. The online voting takes place from September 1 to September 15 2019 on the platform kmetnagodinata.bg. This year the citizens of the Republic of Bulgaria will evaluate the work of the mayors and their teams in 9 categories for the entire mandate 2015-2019. The mayors who have received the biggest percentage of votes from the national online competition will be announced at a ceremonial evening on 18 September 2019 in Hall 6 of the National Palace of Culture in Sofia.

Traditionally, voting for municipalities is divided into categories based on their size - small municipality (with less than 20,000 inhabitants), middle (with a population between 20,000 and 50,000 inhabitants) and big municipality (with a population of over 50,000).

The “Mayor of the Year” categories for the 2015-2019 mandate are:

  • Mayor of the Year
  • Mayor of the citizens
  • Urban environment
  • Transport
  • Tourism, culture, festivals and traditions
  • Education, sport and youth policies
  • Investments and jobs
  • Social municipality
  • Smart City

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