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Metro extension in Sofia improve mobility and cut congestion, delays and emissions

The project costs €500 million, of which €350 million is from EU funds

  • August 14, 2018 18:00
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
Medium sofiametro
Source: gradat.bg

In recent years, the population of Sofia and the number of cars in the city have increased considerably. The metro, which is being extended with substantial EU investment, offers a fast and comfortable alternative. Some 1.5 million people live in or around Bulgaria’s capital Sofia and ever more residents and visitors prefer to travel by metro. Metro transport is fast, comfortable and economical, and helps reduce congestion and pollution. Almost 350,000 people a day use the existing lines.

The new line relieve traffic congestion and allow people to move around more quickly and comfortably.The project costs €500 million, of which €350 million is from EU funds. Executive Director of metro operator Metropolitan EAD, Stoyan Bratoev said: “We attach great importance to the quality of the materials we use. With the EU funds, we can afford durable materials specifically developed for this type of facility.”   

Source: European Commission

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