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Microsoft Flagship School opens doors in Gdynia

There are only 21 of them in the world

  • September 11, 2019 21:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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Source: Kamil Złoch/ Gdynia.pl

One of the most innovative and technologically developed educational institutions in the world was inaugurated this month in Gdynia. School Complex No. 8, included in the Microsoft Flagship School program, has just received the title of Microsoft Showcase School. The Gdynia facility focuses on the sustainable development of students and support for teachers. From its foundations, the school has been designed in such a way as to create a space for a variety of skills - from learning how to cook, through coding, to emotional development and soft skills. What unites it all is technology.

For example, students will be able to use the possibilities of 3D printing in learning standard school subjects, build and program their own robotic structures, among others. As for the teachers, they also benefit from technology. Unlike many schools where they have technology at their disposal, teachers in the School Complex No. 8 in Gdynia have them for their own exclusive use. The teacher can use the devices anywhere, anytime, both at school, during lessons, in the teacher's room, and at home, in preparation for classes. The business computers have latest software technology and are protected against unauthorised use, so as to protect children’s data in accordance with GDPR.

Microsoft Flagship School opens doors in GdyniaPhoto: Kamil Złoch

The official inauguration with the participation of Microsoft representatives took place on Friday, September 6. “In our daily work, we try our best to make Microsoft technologies help develop people's competences in every corner of the world. The Microsoft Flagship School program, which currently has 21 schools scattered around the globe, is proof that Microsoft is primarily focused on training digital competences of children and youth, but also cares for their mentors, teachers”, says Cecylia Szymańska, director of education at Microsoft.

This is the first Microsoft flagship facility in Poland, the ninth in Europe and the 21st in the world and was built according to the highest existing standards, reassures Bartosz Bartoszewicz, Gdynia Vice President for Quality of Life. He also emphasized that the school-kindergarten complex, under which the high school, primary school and kindergarten will operate, will remain an accessible and friendly place for the entire local community, for all residents of the district.

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