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Minimum wage in Spain to be raised

The minimum wage will increase to 850 euros by 2020

  • January 20, 2018 10:30
  • Author Stanimira Lukanova
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Source: Pixabay

Spain will increase the minimum wage in the country and plans are for it to reach 850 euros by 2020. 2018 started with a 4% increase for the citizens with the lowest income in the country. The lowest paid workers will receive 28,4 euros a month in 2018. 

Economic figures show that in 2019 the raise will be by 5% and in 2020 - 10%, or 850 euros. However, even after the increase, Spain will remain in Eurostat's Group 2, where the minimum wage is between 500 and 1000 euros. The EU Member States with the highest mininum wages are Group 3 countries such as Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg. 


Source: The Local/ Spain 

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