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Mission possible: "Varna - City of Knowledge"

Mayor Ivan Portnich's initiative aims to transform the city's economic profile through digital, innovative and green solutions

  • October 16, 2020 09:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
Medium varna
Source: Varna Municipality

Mission "Varna - City of Knowledge" is an initiative by the Mayor of Varna, Ivan Protnih. The project aims for the creation of conditions for the long-term development of the Bulgarian maritime capital and the transformation of the economic profile of the city through digital, innovative and green solutions.

Through cooperation and partnership to success

To achieve this ultimate goal, efforts have brought together the local government, businesses and education and science establishments in the city. To realize the full potential of Varna, they signed the Memorandum of Cooperation and Partnership in which they declared their readiness to cooperate in achieving economic growth - through investments based on knowledge and innovation and by creating jobs with high productivity and income.

The Municipality of Varna informs that earlier this week, Mayor Portnich held a working meeting with Kalin Dimchev, CEO of Microsoft Bulgaria and his team. They discussed opportunities for cooperation between the company and the Municipality that would support the cause. Microsoft Bulgaria is also one of the companies that supported the Memorandum of Cooperation and Partnership for the implementation of "Varna - City of Knowledge".

"We believe that in times of challenge, acquiring new skills, improving skills and improving the quality of work is even more important, so we will be happy to implement joint projects with Microsoft.", said Mayor Ivan Portnich.

"We welcome this type of thinking and we are ready to be partners, to walk this path together. We are proud of what we saw today in Varna and the universities, which can become a benchmark for education in Bulgaria,", said Kalin Dimchev.

During the meeting, a number of the company's opportunities and good practices that are being implemented in other countries around the world were presented, such training applications, development of regional administrations, cybersecurity, urban sustainability, green technologies, tourism, culture, healthcare. It was agreed that the experts from Microsoft Bulgaria would prepare specific proposals for projects to be delivered jointly with the Municipality of Varna.

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