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Mobile coverage on its way to Copenhagen’s City Ring

The lack of mobile coverage on the network has been criticized by both citizens and politicians

  • July 14, 2020 11:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Ever since last September, Copenhagen’s M3 Subway line, also known as the City Ring, has been in operation and in use by citizens. It was even expanded with an additional line in the very first month of lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic. Yet one main problem has remained a constant ever since its inauguration – namely the lack of mobile coverage in the entire subway.

Rising anger at poor management

We can hardly imagine travelling on public transport and being completely unable to stay connected to our friends and family or to even listen to music online. Yet the City Ring has boasted this “feature” ever since its inauguration in September 2019.

The company responsible for the city ring - Metroselskabet, is owned by three different, yet public entities. Half of it is controlled by Copenhagen Municipality, 41.7% by the Danish government and the rest by Frederiksberg Municipality. The entity has proven entirely unable to satisfy the needs of those commuting via the M3 and M4 lines citing unexpected challenges that have arisen when attempting to improve the network coverage infrastructure on the City Ring.

Officials have also voiced their discontent with Metroselskabet’s management. Copenhagen authorities have stated that coverage should have been provided the moment that the City Ring was opened last year – or at least in the few weeks that followed. National politicians have also voiced their outrage at the lack of professionalism and proper planning by the state-owned company.

On its part, Metroselskabet has claimed that should no further unforeseen circumstances arise, it should be able to ensure coverage in the Copenhagen Metro as early as Autumn of this year – nearly a full year after the City Ring’s extravagant opening ceremony.

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