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Mobility habits in Europe

Vote in our newest poll and learn what the preferred moving habits of our readers are

  • March 29, 2019 17:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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There is no doubt that good mobility is a key aspect of all smart cities: it affects tremendously the daily lives of each and every citizen of the urbanized areas. It definitely does matter whether you spend time in traffic congestions or in crowded buses before work, but so does riding your bicycle on well-maintained, safe and convenient bike lanes. Our ways of travelling from one place to another have important implications for our time available for meaningful work, productivity and equally significant – for the environment in relation to the produced carbon emissions which are proven to contribute to greenhouse effects.

However, regardless of the growing developments in public transport networks and the continuously introduced innovations in the medium and large cities (see more from our Transport section in Smart cities), cars which are important factor for traffic congestions and emissions are a highly popular transportation tool. For instance, despite significant disparities in car ownership within the EU, as a whole (EU-28), the average rate in 2016 was 0.49 passenger cars per inhabitant, which remains significant (Eurostat).

But one does not necessarily have to give up on the convenience for the sake of being sustainable: alternatives exist, such as car-sharing, electric-support bikes, scooters, human-powered vehicles. In this week’s poll, we are interested to discover what your preferred transportation means is. Vote in our newest poll and learn what the favored moving habits of our readers are.

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