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Music Europe Day – an online festival to celebrate 9 May

On Saturday, artists from 30 countries will share their vision for Europe

  • May 06, 2020 21:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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Source: MED - Music Europe Day 2020

The novel coronavirus has hampered free movement, communication, and exchanges among millions of Europeans, so this year’s Europe Day will be like no other in history. However, the European institutions and artists are motivated to show that the European spirit and values cannot be crushed by the Covid-19.

That is why they invite us to take on a musical journey online. On Saturday, May 9th, from 12 pm to 12 am, the European Union and Europavox will present us with a day full of music coming from across the continent.

Music Europe Day is an online music festival, live-streamed, uniting over 30 artists from different countries. Recordings of various artists will be widely broadcast on social media and more details will be announced soon.

For more information on the programme and full lists of performances, follow the feed of the Music Europe Day Facebook event page, where the festival will be available to watch.

About Europe Day

Each year on 9 May Europeans celebrate the biggest holiday symbolizing their unity and peace. The day marks an anniversary of the first time that idea of a new form of political cooperation in Europe was expressed publicly, through the Schuman Declaration.

In his speech in 1950 in Paris, French foreign minister Robert Schuman presented his vision on how European cooperation can put end to the war among nations. His proposal to establish a common institution managing the coal and steel production is believed to have laid the groundwork for what has decades later become the European Union.

Usually, to celebrate the occasion, various European institutions open their doors to the public in early May in Strasbourg and Brussels. There are also thousands of local events in the member states. In 2020, however, due to the need to fight the coronavirus threat, these will largely go online.

This year’s Europe Day will, therefore, pass in the spirit of solidarity in the face of the Covid-19 crisis. Learn more about what else is previewed in the different states and regions of the EU on the website of the EU.

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