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New multilingual mobile ticketing app allows cashless travel across Bucharest

It is part of the mayor’s plan for the Romanian capital to become a smart city

  • February 06, 2020 19:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
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The Bucharest Transport Company (Societatea de Transport Bucuresti) informed that the payments company Masabi in association with its partners Mastercad and UniCredit Bank has launched the BPay mobile ticketing app to public transport across the Romanian capital.

The new multilingual mobile ticketing application allows custumers to travel cash-free on Urban, Express, Regional and City Bus Tour routes with daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly tickets offered. 

Travelling in Bucharest has never been so easy

Now, thanks to BPay, travelling in Bucharest will be hassle-free. The adopted technology makes access to public transport quick and easy for both everyday commuters and tourists. The app removes the need for passengers to have the right amount of change to travel and also offers access to trip planning services. It removes also the need for passengers to wait in line to purchase a ticket.

In addition, by using a fare payments platform, transport authorities and operators can move away from expensive and bespoke fare collection systems which quickly become outdated and move to a platform which is quick to deploy. It also constantly updates with new functionality and helps reduce the overall cost of fare payments, which means that cities can put more money back into running services for citizens.

According to a statement of Gabriela Firea, mayor of Bucharest, the app is part of the plan of the Romanian capital to become a Smart City. The aim which was announced a few years ago includes innovative technology that provides operational benefits as well as simplifies the transport experience for the passengers who travel in Bucharest.

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