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New project aims to preserve and protect Cyprus’s port areas

It aims to enhance the sustainability of port areas thereby improving their environmental quality

  • April 06, 2020 19:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Last week in Limassol a new project aimed at preserving Cyprus’s port areas was officially presented – Ecoportil, a joint initiative by EU institutions and several countries, including Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria and Albania.

The goal of the project is to develop solutions that are meant to enhance the sustainability capabilities of port areas in these four participating countries and thus improve their environmental outlook.

The project’s developers are dedicated to using all the most modern technologies in adherence to all up-to-date EU and national regulations that will ensure a safe and environmentally friendly transition into sustainability.

Objectives of the Ecoportil initiative

To achieve its main goal of bringing about a most sustainable port environment in the aforementioned countries, Ecoportil has laid out a series of objectives that it wants to accomplish. Among them, perhaps the most important one is the integration and collective work of the different stakeholders not only on the international level but also the ones involved with coastal areas in Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria and Albania as well – like for example representatives of the respective coast guards, the shipping industry and others.

Together with Ecoportil the partners and stakeholders will jointly develop a range of different systems that are meant to enhance their capacities and improve their work. Among the goals of the initiative is the development of early warning systems that are meant to assess the dangers and risks of environmental hazards and prepare port authorities with different crisis management plans and strategies.

The total value of the project is placed at over 840 thousand euros. The funding is provided by the National Funds of the participating countries as well as the Interreg V-B Balkan Mediterranean 2014-2020 Transnational Cooperation Programme under the European Regional Development Fund.

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