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New social housing on its way in Deva

The municipality was among the first in Romania to obtain national funding for such social projects

  • July 26, 2020 15:00
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
Medium deva
Source: Deva Municipality

The construction works at the two blocks of social housing in the Grigorescu neighbourhood of Deva will be completed in August, informed the mayor Nicolae-Florin Oancea. Local authorities further explained that that interior finishing works are currently being carried out and commissioning tests are also underway on the block's power plants.

Green spaces and alleys

Blocks 3 and 4 of the social housing complex in the Grigorescu neighbourhood have a total of 72 housing units - 30 studios and 6 two-room apartments in each block. Green spaces and alleys have also been arranged outside the new buildings.

The homes will be turnkey, boasting all amenities, including an electric stove in each studio or apartment. They are connected to all utilities - water, sewerage, electricity and gas. On top of the facilities, the edifices also have cable TV, fixed telephony and intercom installations.

New social housing on its way in DevaHere's what an apartment looks like from the inside. Photo by Deva Municipality

The total value of the investment for the two blocks is 11,000,000 lei (2 276 156,66 euro). The financing for the four social blocks was made with funds from the Romanian Ministry of Development and Public Works through the Social Housing Program for 80% of the project, and 20% was covered by the local budget of Deva Municipality.

The social housing blocks 1 and 2 of this complex were completed in 2017. Deva was among the first town halls in Romania to have access to this program and to obtain funding. The need to build housing of this type arose from the large number of requests registered in Deva for the obtaining of social housing.

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