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Next year, go to Malaga

The European Capital of Smart Tourism 2020 is a spectacular year-round tourist destination

  • October 27, 2019 20:00
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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Earlier this month Malaga received an important distinction – the title of European Capital of Smart Tourism. Together with Gothenburg, Sweden, the pearl of Andalucía competed with 33 other European cities to finally be rewarded for innovative tourism development.

But what is there to do and see in the Costa del Sol capital? Here are the must-see places on our bucket list - the top three places to be in Malaga.

Malaga Beaches

beaches of MalagaSpectacular city views from Mediterranean Malaga

Certainly, Malaga’s coastline is the place to be during the summer. With 16 beaches and а 14 kilometre-long beach line, well connected to the city, Malaga is everything a sun and beach type of tourist might dream of. The San Julián Golf Course Beach is the largest, semi-urban beach offering a kitesurfing zone, golf complex and a relatively calm atmosphere.

If you are looking for nice views and selfie spots, however, you’d best head for La Malagueta. It is easily accessible and is closest to the Port of Malaga - a preferred destination by the locals. Apart from these, it is worth visiting one of the oldest and traditional fishing districts of Malaga – Pedregalejo. Do not miss out on the opportunity to take a walk on the oldest promenade and taste typical seafood dishes.

Picasso Museum

Picasso Museum MalagaPicasso Museum, Photo: Llecco on Wikipedia [CC BY-SA 3-0]

Malaga is much more than a summer destination. The birthplace of Pablo Picasso – the artist of world renown – has a museum dedicated to him. Some of the famous items in the permanent collection are Restaurant, The Three Graces and Head of a Bull. The full life cycle and career development of arguably the greatest artist of the XXth century and father of cubism can be followed through artworks.

Camino del Rey

And finally, el Camino del Rey or el caminito. What was once the most dangerous footpath in the world is now a spectacular tourism spot offering a breath-taking view over the canyon. Its restoration granted it another European award – the one for heritage conservation.

You can reach it by train from Malaga, Seville or Ronda. Make sure to book a ticket online and get ready for a challenging but worthwhile walk. See more from the video below:

Caminito del Rey, Malaga. Source: Diputación de Málaga

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