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Nominate a project or an initiative for the first IDC Smart Cities Europe Awards

Any organisation can nominate a city project or initiative that has been implemented, including the city itself

  • March 24, 2018 14:00
  • Author Olya Georgieva
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International Data Corporation (IDC) is launching its first IDC Smart Cities Europe Awards. The deadline for submitting nominations is 1st of June and there are five award categories - Economic Development and Civic Engagement; Sustainable Planning and Administration; Public Safety; Resilient Energy and Infrastructure, and Transport.

Projects that can be nominated must be in some phase of implementation as opposed to theoretical ideas or signed projects that have yet to be started. Specifically, IDS is looking for best practice examples of urban innovation with a focus on the use of technology and data, unique partnerships, funding models, and/or community involvement. The Awards will create a platform to share best practices and innovative approaches to shared challenges, while helping to accelerate cities' ability to adopt smart city solutions across the region.

Source: IDC

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