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Numerous Italian mayors take part in “One more tree” campaign

The goal: to plant 60 million trees, one for each Italian

  • September 20, 2019 09:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
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The goal of the "One More Tree" campaign is to plant 60 million trees, one for each Italian, as soon as possible to combat the climate crisis. The aim is also to ensure that this good practice grows from year to year on a global scale, to reach in 2030 non-irreversible weather conditions. The initiative is addressed to every citizen, to every organization of any kind of nature and orientation, to every public or private company, to the big network of municipalities and regions of Italy and to the Italian government. A tree for every Italian: 60 million trees that from their first moment of existence carry out their vital work of mitigating CO2 levels in the atmosphere.

Many Italian mayors have already declared their participation, among them are Antonio Decaro (Bari), Chiara Appendino (Turin), Dario Nardella (Florence), Merola (Bologna), Coletta (Latina), Gori (Bergamo), Mastella (Benevento) and Galimberti (Varese), Ghinelli (Arezzo), Conte (Treviso), Falcomatà (Reggio Calabria), Occhiuto (Cosenza), Lombardi (Piana di Monte Verna), Di Primio (Chieti), Ricci (Pesaro) as well as many others.

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