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On Valentine’s Day, share your love with millions in Paris

See how you can see your personal message of love displayed on the streets of the French capital

  • February 08, 2020 17:00
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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Source: Henri Garat / Ville de Paris

If you have ever been in love, then you must know the feeling of wanting to shout it out loud for everyone to hear. What if we told you that you can spread your love message in front of an entire city inhabited by millions of people and tourists and what is more, is considered the most romantic city in the world? Of course, we are talking about Paris.

A very personal way to spend Valentine’s Day in Paris

For yet another year, the capital of France will be offering a special opportunity to celebrate Valentine’s Day. By providing access to its information panels across the city to the public, Paris is honouring love on 14th February. Now is the time to literally materialise and give shape to what you are feeling in the form of gentle words, a love letter or why not even marriage proposal.

Paris - info boards with love messages

“Babylove, even if you snore and sing badly, I love you madly” reads one of last year’s panels. Photo by City of Paris

How to participate?

What you need to do, in order to get your message included in the campaign and have it seen around Paris’ streets on the Feast of Saint Valentine is to write down your message of love and send it online before 18h on 11th February 2020. It should be creative and no longer than 145 characters long.

The city will then select among all messages received by hand-picking the most romantic and inventive ones that deserve their place on the City's information panels.

Submit your love message on the website of the City of Paris here. And if you have missed the opportunity or happen to be alone on the holiday, do not worry – Paris has carefully prepared a long list of events to cheer you up. See what else is included in the festive programme for this year’s 14th of February in the French capital, one of the best places on Earth to fall in love in.

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