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Oradea has a solution to the traffic problem in the Central Protected Area

The Romanian municipality will invest almost 3 million euros in a new multi-storey public parking lot

  • June 03, 2020 17:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
Medium parcare
Source: Oradea Municipality

During the meeting of the Local Council of the Romanian Municipality of Oradea held on 28 May, a new important infrastructure decision was made - namely that the Detailed Urban Plan (DUP) for the construction of the multi-storey public parking lot in Iosif Vulcan Street №10-12 was approved.

The project was drawn up by SC Cofido SRL with the documentation aiming at establishing the conditions for the construction of a multi-storey public parking lot on land located in the Central Protected Area. The initiative is expected to ease road and pedestrian traffic in Oradea.

According to the Local Regulation of Urbanism of Oradea Municipality, for any intervention aimed at building a new building in the Central Protected Area, it is necessary to develop a DUP for the plot on which it is to be built. The parking will, thereby, encompass a stretch of land of a total of 4179 sq m.

Parking spaces for cars, bicycles and motorcycles

According to the proposed solution, this investment is very important because its realization will solve the problem of parking spaces in the central area. The total value of the investment is 13,545,608 lei (2,797,422.90 euros) without VAT, and the duration of the execution of the objective is expected to be 12 months.

The new above-ground parking will have 145 car spaces, of which 6 are intended for use by people with disabilities. In addition to parking spaces, there will be also spaces for bicycles and motorcycles.

The car and pedestrian access to the building will be made through the southern part, from Iosif Vulcan Street, one on the north side, and the second opposite, on the south. Next to the main access, it is proposed to locate the staff room where the entrance and exit of the car park will be supervised, and from where the whole complex will be managed.

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