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Ostrava invests CZK 1 million in support for families

The Czech city has been funding various activities to promote the essential role of families

  • October 27, 2019 17:00
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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Ostrava is more than eager to provide support and to promote the traditional role and functions of the family. As a testament to the city's commitment, the local government is ready to earmark 1 million Czech crowns for various family-related activities, starting next year. The list includes events seminars leading to the development of family competencies, community meetings, support for volunteering, etc.

An open call for applications was announced in order to attract eligible projects. Applicants may be associations and charity organizations, community centres and organizations focused on joint activities of families with intergenerational overlap.

As Deputy Mayor for Social Affairs Zbyněk Pražák explains, the Czech city has been supporting activities that help families in securing their natural functions, strengthening intergenerational communication and creating conditions for healthy development. This is the fourth year that the programme has been running and every year the city supports ten to fifteen projects.

City authorities addressing negative demographic trends

The family policy of the city of Ostrava is a response to the unfavourable demographic developments, characterised with agеing population and emigrating young, economically active people who are motivated by more attractive conditions elsewhere.

With a special emphasis on young families, the policy seeks to create conditions that signal that the city cares for them and understands their irreplaceable role. It targets ordinary families, who represent the foundations of society, shape the new generation and educate it and deserve attention, support, respect and appreciation.

Intergenerational family life is also very important for the city authorities. Events that bring together children and seniors are organized, for example, by the Community Center Makovice from Poruba. Dozens of volunteers, together with other active citizens and with the help of the municipality  are ready to assist in all such initiatives.

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