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Padua with smart transport plan for the reopening of schools

The province is trialling intelligent ways for students to enter the city by using special shuttles and buses

  • July 01, 2020 17:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
Medium padua

The Italian province of Padua is preparing for the reopening of schools in September with a smart public transport plan. The revolutionary approach aims to avoid overcrowding and to prevent the dangers of contagion in public transport.

New bus lines, shuttles to more isolated institutions and mini city terminals

The project was discussed in detail during a summit in the prefecture, convened by the prefect Renato Franceschelli, in which Sergio Giordani mayor of Padua,  Fabio Bui, the president of the province, the administrator Roberto Natale and the president of Busitalia Andrea Ragona also participated.

Most of the students enrolled in the institutes of Padua come from other municipalities and also from outside the province. That is what prompted the need to create such a prevention plan with Italy being one of the countries most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in the world.

Which is why the province of Padua is considering the possibility of creating dedicated bus rides, which gather young people along the way and head towards the complexes. In this manner, those who go to school will not use ordinary lines, full of workers.

The main idea is to put in place "personalized" routes, bringing the vehicles close to the educational institutes, but also to some sites, spread throughout the territory, from where you can then leave the shuttles. There will be new bus lines, shuttles to more isolated institutions and mini city terminals.

The proposal is expected to enter into force soon and be implemented in practice, in compliance with anti-Covid provisions. Until then, prefect Franceschelli will meet trade associations, trade unions, public administrations, representatives of hospital and university employees, to discuss with them a timing of restarting activities that are compatible with the rules that must be followed on public transport.

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