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Paris now has own data centre

The French capital has considerably improved the security of its data

  • May 31, 2019 14:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
Medium large 01datacenter   henri garat   ville de paris
Source: Henri Garat/ Ville de Paris

Thanks to a brand-new data centre, the City of Paris will have full control over its technologies for storage and usage of data. The first data centre in the French capital located in the 18th district is fully secure. It houses the entirety of the applications used by the agents of the City, its data and the digital services offered to the locals. It also welcomes the data of AP-HP, Paris Habitat and Eau de Paris.

Having its own data centre means first and foremost improved cyber security for the city, as it will no longer rely on external infrastructure. This will enable the data managers to prevent the access of unauthorized personnel and be quicker to react to possible outages. Second, it also saves finances and human resources to the local authority and facilitates immensely the application of GDPR to the data collected.

What is more, the data centre management makes it possible to optimize energy consumption and reuse the energy generated within a local loop of hot water that supplies the neighbourhood. Infrastructure of Paris Urban Heating Company (CPCU) has a thermal production centre with a power of 6.6 MW, powered by 50 % in biogas and 10% in heat recovery energy from the Data Centre. A heat pump will ensure that the energy recovered by the Data Centre will be sufficiently warm and to reach the temperature needed to heat the neighbourhood buildings as well as urban greenhouses on roofs.

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