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Paris starts trial of autonomous shuttles

The new electrical buses will run from Paris's business area

  • October 24, 2017 13:35
  • Author Stanimira Lukanova
Medium bus 2755560 1280
Source: Pixabay

А six-month trial of three fully electric shuttles in La Defense has started in Paris. The area on which the trials will run is one the biggest business areas in Europe. This service will provide mobility solution for more than half a million people travelling to and from the business area every day.

The shuttles will operate sites along pedestrian paths and will be accessible to passengers with reduced mobility. The purpose of the trial is these vehicles to be tested in a real-life situation and operating conditions. It will be the first time when such kind of vehicles will be launched on a public road without anyone on-board driving them. Each shuttle will be accessible for up to 15 passengers and travel at 20 km/h the most even in densely populated areas. These kinds of inventions could fit perfectly in airports, hospitals, university campuses, tourist sites, shopping centers and other facilities.

A number of other autonomous machines trials are in process of planning in the upcoming months in the Paris region, including zones in the eastern part of the city. If they have success, these shuttles may become a constant solution in the region for human mobility, with additional use and opportunities for  opening new lines. 

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