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Pärnu calls on residents to contribute to city’s future strategy

Locals will be able to review and submit proposals until 14 August

  • July 01, 2019 14:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
Medium p%c3%a4rnu kesklinn   aerial photo of p%c3%a4rnu in estonia
Source: Kristian Pikner [CC BY-SA 4.0]

Last week, Pärnu municipality (Estonia) made available for public review and discussion its strategies for the future. The following documents are offered to the attention of citizens – the Pärnu Development Plan, which sets out the vision for the city until 2035 and the Pärnu Budget Strategy, under which the city will be developed until 2024.

The two documents are a package deal and it is important for residents to consider them simultaneously, according to the municipality. If the former outlines the general approach to the future, envisioned by the local government, then the latter presents the concrete budgeting steps and funding allocation which will be made to achieve its specific and concrete goals. The administration has taken the main development trends and has made the appropriate forecast for the city’s economic growth and how it will be faring until 2024. This budgeting strategy will be used as a basis for the annual budgeting in the next few years.

The development plan and the budgeting strategy are available online on the city’s website as well as on paper in the local government centres. The municipality is accepting citizens’ proposals until 14 August and will be holding a meeting with locals on 15 August to properly and personally discuss the future of Pärnu.

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