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Patient Advisory Council established in Tartu

This step is a first in Estonian healthcare

  • July 23, 2019 21:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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The University of Tartu, one of the top educational facilities in the whole country, convened a special form of council in order to improve the services offered at its clinic. The Patient Advisory Council was established in order to give the it feedback and drive towards a more patient-centered direction of healthcare services. The council represents and is formed of patients and their relatives and their suggestions will be included in the plans University of Tartu’s clinic’s development plans.

The chairman of the university’s clinic, Priit Eelmäe, stated that "The establishment of a patient council in a hospital is novel in Estonia, but it is supported by the practice of the rest of the world…Research has confirmed that the Patient Advisory Council, for example, helps improve work processes, the physical hospital environment, the content of patient information and instruction, and also increases patient satisfaction,". Such councils are important because while doctors know how to medically treat patients, it is often hard to reach them, talk to them and explain what is going on.

Members of the Patient Advisory Council can be nominated by 1 September. Twelve people will be chosen in total to represent the interests of patients not only in Tartu but also from Põlva, Valga and other south Estonian hospitals.

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