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Pilsen modernises waiting system at municipal offices

A step towards a smarter and more digitised city

  • January 06, 2020 11:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
Medium mayor of pilsen martin baxa
Source: Mayor of Pilsen Martin Baxa at the municipal services / plzen.eu

The queuing process at three municipal services in Pilsen will be digitalised and will, therefore, offer better customer experience to citizens. Printed tickets with QR codes in the fourth-largest Czech city will now show the waiting time and progress of the queue directly on the ticket holder's smartphone. This innovative waiting system provides citizens queuing for a municipal service the opportunity to make better use of their waiting time, plan or even reduce it.

Digital services make life easier for citizens in Pilsen

The system works in a very easy way: upon arriving at the municipal premises, every customer will receive a printed ticket with their registration number with additional information, including expected waiting time, a QR code and a web link to track progress. The system will then calculate the waiting time for each ticket holder, based on the average progress of the queue. During the test of the new system, it has been discovered that the deviations rarely exceed 5 to 10 minutes. Furthermore, each customer can postpone his turn for a more convenient time later on.

“As a city, we collect suggestions from citizens and try to do our utmost to make life more pleasant for the Pilsen people. One of the areas in which we are still moving forward is dealing with official matters. Probably each of us has experienced a full waiting room at the office and a long wait for check-in. We decided to look for a way for all who would like to use this time differently, in their own way, whether wait in the nearby café or go shopping. This simple and well-arranged system is definitely another step towards increasing the comfort of our inhabitants”, said the Mayor of the City of Pilsen Martin Baxa, quoted by plzen.eu.

Three municipal offices benefit from the smart technology

So far, the new system is being used at the Department of Administrative Activities, the Department of Identity Cards and Travel Documents, the Trade Licensing Office and the Department of the Register of Vehicles and Drivers. The implementation of this smart city solution is particularly important for agencies with waiting times that are very difficult to predict. Such is the case with ID cards and travel documents, where huge queues form suddenly in connection with holidays, but also at the driver and vehicle register, where the number of customers is high throughout the year.

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