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Plans unveiled for UNESCO Dublin Bay Discovery Centre

The Dublin City project is meant to resolve management issues in the nature reserve and inspire the values of UNESCO in promoting global citizenship

  • December 05, 2019 16:00
  • Author Plamen Petrov
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Source: Dublin City Council

Dublin City Council is seeking development consent and has launched public consultations about an exciting project – construction of UNESCO Dublin Bay Discovery Centre in the heart of the UNESCO Biosphere on Bull Island.

The Discovery Centre will act as a ‘gateway’ to the Nature Reserve, signifying its importance as a wilderness that must be respected. Billed as a powerful place for discovery and learning, the Centre will acquaint visitors with the biosphere of Bull Island and Dublin Bay, as well as with the world network of Biosphere Regions. This will be a place where global climate issues will also be discussed.

The Discovery Centre would provide opportunity to people who cannot visit the Nature Reserve by getting an access to the dunes and beach, to gain an understanding of the intricate terrestrial and marine ecosystems that make the Bull Island and Dublin Bay so special. 

Structure with a mission

The proposed Discovery Centre will be located off the Causeway Road, directly south of St. Anne’s Golf Club, on North Bull Island Nature Reserve, Dublin.

Extending over 0.75 ha, the Centre will consist of a part single, part two-storey building with a 20 m high viewing tower, reception area, exhibition space, café & kitchen, shop, multi-use education space, administration and research spaces. Limited bus drop-off and parking facilities will be set up on Causeway Road. Associated road resurfacing will be carried out, including an off-road shared pedestrian and cyclist tracks and associated landscaping and ancillary works (drainage, water supply and wastewater treatment, etc.).

Dublin City Council hopes that apart from its educational function, the Discovery Centre will help to resolve the management issues in the nature reserve and Dublin Bay and inspire the values of UNESCO in promoting global citizenship.

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