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Prisoners in Poland sew reusable masks for orphaned children

As part of a rehabilitation programme

  • May 14, 2020 09:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
Medium an inmate sewing masks   ministry of justice of poland
Source: An inmate in Poland sewing reusable facial masks / Ministry of Justice of Poland

A cooperation with a noble cause has been established between the Polish Ministry of Justice and the Prison Service. It allows for convicts in the Katowice region to be engaged to sew protective masks. Przemyśl, too, has joined the initiative by mobilizing the inmates of its prison for the benefit of orphaned children.

The Ministry of Justice helps

The City Council of Przemyśl has been the latest to join the nation-wide initiative under the hashtag #ResortSprawiedliwościPomaga (Ministry of Justice helps) which uses the potential of prisoners in the fight against Covid-19, informed the Association of Polish Cities.

According to the agreement, signed last week by municipal officials and the Penitentiary Institution near the city, the inmates will be sewing reusable protective masks, which will be distributed to orphans in the local nursing institution.

mayor of Przemyśl Wojciech Bakun On 5 May the mayor of Przemyśl Wojciech Bakun signed the agreement with the Director of the Penitentiary Institution in Medyka village Jacek Szlachcic. Photo: Maciej Wolański / City of Przemyśl

According to the agreement, the institution will help the "Maciek" Multifunctional Care and Educational Centre for Children and Youth by sewing hundreds of masks. The city will purchase the materials for the production of a total of 320 masks, which will be handed over to the administration of the Centre in Medyka near Przemyśl.

The inmates will sew the masks as part of a rehabilitation program in the field of counteracting post-criminal attitudes in prisoners. The masks are intended to protect the staff and the young inhabitants of the "Maciek" Children's Home.

Protective masks have quickly become scarce since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Luckily, many in Poland and in Europe have joined forces to produce reusable protective gear and provide it – often voluntarily – to those who need it but cannot buy masks. The campaign of the Ministry of Justice of Poland and the Prison Service makes up a vital part of these efforts.

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