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Ptuj now offering car transport to the elderly

Citizens who need to get to the doctor or get groceries but are unable to do it by themselves will benefit from the initiative

  • September 23, 2019 14:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Last week, the municipality of Ptuj, alongside the Public Services department of Ptuj and the Association of Ptuj Chauffeurs and Car Mechanics launched an initiative to help the elderly navigate the city. Everyone who needs to go about their business but is unable to do it by themselves can simply call a number and schedule an appointment with one of the 12 volunteers who will be available every day Monday to Friday. The appointments must be made 3 days in advance so that the teams can accommodate the needs of everyone.

According to the mayor of the municipality of Ptuj, Nuška Gajšek, the establishment of this service is vital for the city and the health of its elderly population. It is also an important part of improving the city’s transport network overall by eventually providing a shared car alternative to everyone in the city. She stated that "We want regular, easily accessible and user-friendly public transport available to all residents of our municipality. Until that goal is reached, however, we want to offer the elderly an alternative, giving them access to important infrastructure on their own”.

Ptuj offers visitors and residents public transport to fit all of their needs – including buses, shared bikes and e-scooters – all of them free of charge.

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