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Public transport drivers in Wrocław train in a modern simulator

Coupled with dozens of additional training hours for improved safety of passengers

  • January 29, 2020 21:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
Medium mpk tram simulator
Source: MPK trains tramway drivers on a new simulator. Photo by wroclaw.pl

Public transport in Wroclaw is set to become safer, at least  depending on drivers' abilities and training. This is possible thanks to additional practice hours for bus and tramway drivers working for MPK (the municipal transport company) and a new training simulator allocated for these needs.

Improved service of MPK

New and long-term employees of MPK will undergo several dozen hours of training, announced the municipality of Wroclaw, Poland. The extra time will be dedicated to learning how to fix minor defects without the help of technicians, and how to improve passenger service. The training which will be conducted by an experienced internal trainer will cover, among other things, appropriate behaviour vis-a-vis travellers, including aggressive ones.

“I am aware that some of the problems in the functioning of public transport result from the wrong driving technique of our drivers. We have great drivers in the team, but there are also some who need to be trained further” - admits the president of MPK Krzysztof Balawejder, quoted by Wroclaw.pl “Some will also need to be reminded of the rules that apply to passengers. The attitude of drivers indicates the entire MPK, and passengers must always feel that they can count on them. Therefore, we are also introducing more trainings related to passenger service”, Balawejder added.

In addition, MPK introduces quality control of passenger service on trams and buses where inspectors in disguise will monitor the work of the drivers.

Tram simulator for dry training prepares for all conditions

Each tram driver will also undergo training on a Lander professional simulator. This type of training began in January, complementing real-life  tram practice on the streets of Wroclaw. 

“The virtual simulator accurately reflects the conditions of driving a tram and can test various situations, including changes in weather, breakdowns, unexpected traffic incidents, emergency situations. All this happens with the click of the mouse. The goal is, as in the case of aircraft pilots, to develop appropriate habits and reactions in the drivers, so that they always react in the same way and according to the procedure”, explained Rafał Pszczoliński, one of the simulator trainers.

The new simulator allows to train appropriate reactions, verify all skills of the drivers and check how they deal with stressful and unforeseen situations. Video by Wroclaw.pl/TV

Finally, new MPK bus drivers are set to see changes. Everyone will have to spend twice as much time as before under the guidance of their supervisor. The driving technique will be overseen during the trial period. In addition, all drivers will undergo training in economical and safe driving. All of these measures promise to ensure a safer travel experience in the fourth largest Polish city.

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